8 Effective Content Strategies for Luxury Hotels

April 5, 2024
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Alex Bond
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Creating effective content for luxury hotels should be easy, right?

Every property is uniquely interesting, often located in a stunning spot and staffed by well-trained team members. But in today's digital age, where everyone is scrolling and swiping, it can be difficult for high-end hotels to stand out.

Here are our 8 effective strategies to help you create compelling content for your luxury hotel.

1.  Be you

Your hotel has a unique atmosphere. Whether it's the rich history, stunning architecture, or killer cocktails, that uniqueness should shine through in all of your content.

2. Emphasise atmosphere

Luxury and atmosphere go hand-in-hand so it is important to emphasise the parts of your hotel that you will only know about if you stay. Little vignettes that give hints of what it’s like to experience your property can help your audience imagine themselves there.

3. Prioritise quality

In order to show off your hotel's best side you need high quality, expertly shot photos and videos. Every element of your content needs to be thought out with the same attention to detail you give to your customer experience.

4. Hold something back

You don’t have to share every single detail in your content. In fact, it’s better if you don’t! Your content marketing can act as a teaser to spark curiosity without giving everything away and leave guests wanting to find out more.

5. Use trends to your advantage

Don’t be afraid to jump on current social media trends if they work for your brand voice and values. Trends can help you reach a wider audience who may not know about your hotel.

6. Play with storytelling

Content at its heart is about telling stories.  Make sure to lean into tried and tested storytelling techniques to create interest and hold attention. Every photo, video, and sentence is an opportunity to paint a picture about your hotel.

7. Share what you stand for

Whether your hotel is an historic gem or prioritises sustainability, weaving those values into your content can create a deeper connection with your audience. People buy from brands they feel connected to.

8. Build a content library

Posting consistently to your key channels  is important to build brand awareness. Creating a bank of photography and video that you can draw on when needed can make it easier to achieve this.

If you’re ready to invest in your content strategy to elevate your marketing. We can help.

Our Content Engine service was developed with luxury hotels in mind, providing top quality content that is consistently created and strategically aligned.

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Alex Bond
Alex Bond is the Creative Director of Ink Blot Creative and Filmmaker.