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October 28, 2021
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Jacqui Patton
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We’re proud to have supported Swoperz to create a strategy and visual identity that will help them go from strength to strength.

In today’s hyper-competitive e-commerce industry, standing out from the crowd is crucial for any brand hoping to make a mark. Swoperz, is an innovative online preloved marketplace for kids aged 6 to 16 that recently secured an impressive £250k investment.

Understanding the Brand Vision.

When we met Vicky and Charlie, the Founders of Swoperz, their aim was clear. To create a preloved marketplace that was run by kids but managed by grownups. However, being able to explain their idea easily and fluently to investors, consumers and key stakeholders was proving tricky.

We facilitated a strategy workshop with Swoperz to help them articulate the vision for Swoperz in a clear and compelling way, forming the basis for their new brand, and helping them succeed in securing their pre-seed investment of £250k.

Swoperz Logo
Swoperz How it Works
Swoperz Advertisement Mockups

Creating an Unexpected Brand Identity

To capture the spirit of Swoperz, we had to create a brand identity that not only felt disruptive but was also appropriate for the kids who will use the platform and their grownups too. It had to feel fun, but also safe. This was no mean feat!

We wanted a logo that could work on its own, with their strap line, as a URL and with a brand mark to allow for multiple placements across OOH, digital and print as the brand grows.

We created a colour system rather than a ‘brand colour palette’ with contrasting vibrant colours that work together giving us 36 unexpected colour options. And we played into the Z in Swoperz giving us a visual element that could be used to tie all our visual work together.

Photography forms a huge part of the Swoperz visual identity so we also created an image library for the team to work with.

Crafting a Consistent Brand Voice

A strong brand voice is essential for building a connection with your target audience. When we met Swoperz, their tone was confused and confusing.

We adopted a friendly, approachable, and informative tone throughout their copy to bring to life the brand whilst still evoking a sense of safety and trust.

We want the brand to consistently convey a sense of authenticity and transparency which will show up across all copy on the Swoperz platform itself, their email marketing, customer touch points and social media.

Swoperz Brand Voice
Swoperz Clothing

Executing Strategic Content Marketing:

From the start we know that content marketing will be key to attracting and retaining customers for Swoperz. We have worked hard to create valuable and engaging content that not only showcases their offering but also provides value for their audience. In the coming month we will use this approach to help Swoperz build brand awareness and drive organic traffic to their website ahead of their launch in September 2023.

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Jacqui Patton
Jacqui Patton is the MD of Ink Blot Creative and Marketing Strategist.