How did the live content created at GREENHOUSE 2023 perform?

October 23, 2023
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Jacqui Patton
2 mins

GREENHOUSE 2023: Marketing & Sales for Entrepreneurs was hosted by Ink Blot Creative and included a keynote from our MD, Jacqui Patton.

During Jacqui’s keynote, she created 4 pieces of content live on stage and promised that we would share how this content performed.

So here goes!

The Why: Create momentum on the back of the GREENHOUSE keynote

Content 1: Reel

Posted: 14/10/23 (9 days)

Channel: Instagram with 1,489 followers

  • 817 accounts reached (591 followers, 226 non-followers)
  • 94 accounts engaged (6.38%)

Although the reach is good and views are high, it is the engagement that we are interested in!

"Most social media marketing experts agree that a good engagement rate is between 1% to 5%."

Source: Hootsuite - Engagement Rate Calculator + Guide for 2023

We are happy that this reel performed above average for engagement and helped us towards our objective.

Greenhouse LinkedIn Reel Screenshot

Content 2: LinkedIn Carousel (repurposed to Instagram)

Posted: 17/10/23 (6 days)

Channel: LinkedIn with 727 followers

  • 442 Impressions
  • 54.52% Engagement rate
  • 227 Clicks
  • 51.36% Click-through rate
  • 7 Reactions

Again, we are interested in the engagement on the post. The average LinkedIn engagement rate for Agencies is 1.18%

Source: Hootsuite - 2023 Average Engagement Rates for 13 Industries [STATS]

So, we are happy that this post performed above industry average but ideally, we would have generated more comments by tagging people we thought would be interested in the comments.

Greenhouse LinkedIn Post Screenshot

Content 3: LinkedIn Video (repurposed to Instagram)

Posted: 18/10/23 (5 days)

Channel: LinkedIn with 727 followers

Channel: Instagram with 1,489 followers

·      276 Total views

·      79 Impressions

·      8.86% Engagement rate

·      3 Clicks

·      3.8% Click-through rate

·      2 Reactions

Channel: Instagram with 1,489 followers

  • 356 accounts reached (262 followers, 94 non-followers)
  • 15 accounts engaged (1%)

Based on engagement this video performed well on LinkedIn (well above the industry average of 1.18% for agencies) but not as well on Instagram with only 1% engagement.

1% engagement is not a bad engagement rate for Instagram but for our profile, we would expect a much higher engagement rate. Directly repurposing this post did not work well for us with this piece of content and is something we should keep an eye on with other pieces of content.

Greenhouse LinkedIn Post Screenshot

Content 4: GREENHOUSE Podcast episode.

Posted: 19/10/23 (4 days)

Channel: All podcast players and shared on LinkedIn and Instagram

This podcast launched in 2022 and hasn’t been given much love! The plan with this piece of content was to kick-start the podcast again.

Since launching we have had 356 downloads of the podcast, and this episode has had 10 downloads in the 4 days since it went live.

It is a bit too early to tell how this will perform and difficult to compare it to previous episodes given the lack of momentum and consistency on this channel – we are going to dedicate more time to the podcast going forward and hope to see the following grow.

Greenhouse Podcast Screenshot

In summary

Our goal was to create momentum off the back of Jacqui’s keynote and provide a launch pad for further content about the importance of content strategy.

We believe that these 4 pieces of content provided a good starting point but as ever, great content marketing requires consistency, quality, and quantity, so this is just the beginning of this campaign.

Jacqui Patton
Jacqui Patton is the MD of Ink Blot Creative and Marketing Strategist.