This tip will halve the time you spend on content

October 28, 2021
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Jacqui Patton
2 min

This week we met a new business owner who told us they spend 3 hours a week creating 2 LinkedIn posts.

They want them to be valuable for their audience, and show off their expertise. But it's overwhelming and taking too much time.

Here's where Parkinson's Law comes in.

If you've ever had 3 weeks to do something then completed it in the last 2 hours because you had to get it done - you've experienced Parkinson's Law!

But you can use this to your advantage. Here's you challenge...

This week I want you to halve the amount of time you allow yourself for creating content. If you usually spend 3 hours on 2 posts I want you to spend 1.5 hours and still get the 2 posts done.

I guarantee that this will help you focus on the "must do" activities rather than the "nice to do" activities!

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Jacqui Patton
Jacqui Patton is the MD of Ink Blot Creative and Marketing Strategist.